The results of all research and innovation objectives will be integrated as components into the edgeFLEX platform and validated in the 3 edgeFLEX field trials and in lab tests with live hardware in the loop.

The approach of edgeFLEX is to support the findings of theoretical developments and simulation results with a unique set of field trials, thus leading on one hand to converge towards a right balance between modelling simplicity and accuracy and on the other hand to draw general conclusions which go beyond the scenario-based results that can be obtained with simulations.

Slow Dynamics Trial across Germany

In this field trial, the infrastructure to be used consists of several wind and solar parks and a biomass unit distributed across the entire country of Germany. The subsidy schemes for many of the parks in this field trial will come to an end soon.

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Fast Dynamics Trial in Italy

The trial will use the DSO infrastructure in a completely innovative way, introducing services that have not been tested before.

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Slow and Fast Dynamics Trial in Germany

With edgeFLEX, the Wunsiedel utility will incorporate new elements of grid control while preserving the existing GOFLEX infrastructure.

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