1st Innovation Event

3rd November 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the workshop planned for on-site at the trial site of the partner SWW had to be moved to virtual, which did not affect the lively participation. On the contrary, this opened up the possibility that not only stakeholder from Wunsiedel and partners from the edgeFLEX project took part. The circle was extended to partners from the H2020 project FEVER and the ERA-Net JPP SES project HONOR.

In a first step, a virtual whiteboard was used to collect the current and future challenges for DSOs with regard to grid inertia and frequency control as well as voltage control. Subsequently, possibilities for voltage control in the distribution grid in combination with the components already installed since the completed H2020 project GOFLEX in Wunsiedel for a local flexibility market were discussed and some ideas were developed. The low-cost PMU of the RWTH, which enables the measurement of grid parameters close to real-time, is to play a central role in this context. The advantages and possibilities of these sensors for inertia estimation and a possible frequency control in the distribution grid will be discussed in the next workshop. How the increased flexibility can be used within a local energy community will be topic in a cross-project workshop on November 19.