edgeFLEX course

edgeFLEX course on advanced power grids operations

28th and 29th of April 2022
On the first Day from 9:00-13:00 and on the second day from 13:00-17.00

Join the edgeFLEX course on advanced power grids operations. The modules will be directed by various energy and power systems experts from edgeFLEX consortium partners, including academia, research institutions and industry backgrounds.

You will have the chance to dig into advanced research concepts for new fast dynamics services for grid management, such as voltage and frequency control in low-inertia power systems, and learn about the application of information and communication technologies to power grids, including 5G communication and edge cloud applications.

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The edgeFLEX project aims to further develop the concept of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to manage a wider range of generation and storage assets in a new way, by offering a set of fast and dynamic services for flexible grid operations.

This course will address different aspects related to the future grids, spacing from power systems aspects and related research activities to ICT infrastructures supporting and fostering their adoption and deployment. The course will present the developments and results of the edgeFLEX project with respect to research and innovation concepts developed through the project.

The course is offered to energy systems professionals and students. It will provide a free online course making the edgeFLEX results available to any person who would like to follow the project.

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