Project Data


Project title Providing Flexibility to the grid by enabling VPPs to offer both fast and slow dynamics control services
Starting date 1st of April 2020
Duration 36 Month
Consortium 10 Partner from 6 countries
Budget 5 Millions Euro

edgeFLEX within Horizon 2020

edgeFLEX is funded by the European Commission´s Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation. Horizon 2020 aims at fostering competitiveness, growth, and increasing benefits for the European Union’s economy and citizens. It supports research and development activities resulting in new knowledge, new products and services, and also in non-technological and social innovation. Under the funding scheme Research and Innovation action (RIA) edgeFLEX addresses the topic "Development of solutions based on renewable sources that provide flexibility to the energy system” within the programme " Low-cost, low-carbon energy supply”.


VPPs are enabled to manage a new wider range of generation and storage assets, including those of Energy Communities, offering a set of new fast and dynamic service to grid operators, enabling the emergence of a new market for ancillary services and optimising the role and deployment of storage


  • To research new fast and dynamics ancillary services and a new market for trading them to VPPs and grid operators introducing an innovative new way to run VPPs offering increased flexibility
  • To develop competitive optimisations of the operations of VPPs with storage assets including Power2Heat and biomass reducing the need for grid re-balancing and increasing its stability
  • To develop a new sustainable investment model promoting increased investment and penetration of RES
  • To validate our ancillary services in field trials and lab tests, packaging results to prepare impact

edgeFLEX in a nutshell